1. Risk Disclosure for Options


1.1 Option is a derivative financial instrument. Options are extremely versatile financial derivatives, more than 100% intraday increase or more than 50% decrease in one trading day is very common for options. Therefore, option is a high-profit trading products for investors without relevant experience, but also associated with higher risk. Investors may suffer a big loss, even including all the investment capital.




1.2 Trading rules for options are more complicated. Hence, we recommend that you shall fully understand the trading rules for options, and comprehend the relationship between option price and the corresponding stock price, and ensure you can the take the risk associated with investing in options before you start options trading.




2. Disclaimer




2.1 All the investments carry risks. The historical data of any securities or financial product cannot guarantee its future performance or return. Even though portfolio diversification helps to spread risks, but Client’s gain or loss cannot be assured especially during market downturn. There is potential possibility of loss in investing securities or financial products. Client shall make a careful consideration on its investment target and risk tolerance before starting an investment. Client’s use of any products of Tiger indicates that Client has read, understood and accepted all the contents of this Statement, fully aware of the risks and agreed to bear all the risks. Client shall acknowledge that using the products of Tiger cannot avoid any investment risks, and Tiger has no liability for any loss and risks trading in options of Client.




2.2 Tiger and its subsidiaries endeavor to ensure the reality, adequacy, reliability and accuracy of all the information provided, but do not guarantee its accuracy and reliability. All the information, data, materials is just for reference. Client shall cautiously judge the accuracy of the quotes ,price, charts, comments, purchase or other information in the products of Tiger. Tiger has no liability for any loss caused by any inaccuracy or omissions of the contents and subjective reasons of Client.




2.3 Within the maximum scope of the applicable laws, Tiger has no liability for any loss and risks associated with the use or out of use of Tiger’s products, including but not limited to indirect personal damage, loss of business profit, interruption in trade, loss of business information or loss of any other reliance interests.




2.4 Tiger reserves the right to change any content of this disclaimer at any time, and the modified and changed terms shall commence on the time of publicity on the products of Tiger. If Client continue using Tiger’ product after changes to the disclaimer are made, it construed as your agreement to the change. Tiger do not accept for your request for loss and damages in the reason of unread, incomprehension and unacceptance for the changes.




2.5 Client shall confirm its awareness of the functions and necessary operational methods of Tiger’s products and Client freely choose to use the products and service of Tiger according to its requirement. Tiger has no liability for any loss cause by personal negligence or operational errors of Client.




2.6 If Client uses the products and service of Tiger to conduct any illegal activity or any act infringing other’s rights and interests, thus causing loss to Client and a third party, Tiger would not assume any liability to pay compensation.




2.7 Tiger reserves all the rights, including but not limited to,trademark rights, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary technologies pertaining to any software, program and content, including but not limited to, writings, pictures, files, information, data, product architecture, and product design. Without the prior written consent of Tiger and other obligees , any usage, modification, duplication, alterations, publishing, public display, reverse engineering, de-compilation or disassembly is forbidden. Otherwise any loss and damages to Client or the third party caused by Client’s behavior aforementioned, Tiger is not liable for any compensation, and reserve the right to require Client to take its liability for tort instead.




2.8 In the process of Client’s use of Tiger’s products, no indemnity can be made by Tiger to the loss of Client arising from the circumstances ,including reveal of Client’s account, password, personal information and trading information or counterfeiting of its identity due to Client’s personal reasons .




2.9 Tiger has made detailed and rigorous test on the products, but cannot guarantee they are no mistakes and compeletely compatible with all the software and hardware systems. If Client’s NTE and software system are incompatible with Tiger’s online transaction system or any mistakes of products, Client may dial Tiger’s telephone to report such circumstance and acquire technical support but not Tiger’s economic compensation.




2.10 Tiger has no liability for any loss caused by breakdown of telecommunications system or Internet, computer faults or virus, damage or lost of information, operational problems of computer systems or other force majeure(such as war, , communication fault, natural disaster, strike and the actions taken by the government department).




2.11 Interruption, pause, delay or data fault of trading instructions which might occur due to malfunction, break-off, delay or other factors of Internet data transmission. In this case, Client may suffer a loss for the reason of the delay or failure to use, while no compensation would be paid by Tiger. Therefore, please take reasonable and effective measures to use the products of Tiger.




2.12 According to the need of company business, Tiger will publish or transport such contents such as news and information provided by its cooperating corporation on its official websites and products, with the information provider being noted. In respect of the copyright of authors, Tiger would not carry out substantive censor or revision of the contents provided by its cooperating corporation and does not guarantee the authenticity thereof, which should be judged by Client and for which Tiger is not responsible. If Client consider the content is involved in a tort or not real, please make a contact with the author.