Tiger Brokers recommends you using the trading platform
Tiger Trade, a one-stop platform for global asset allocation
  • Open an account with your government-issued ID, and you can buy securities on financial markets all over the world
    Tiger Trade provides direct access to China A-shares, U.S. stocks, and Hong Kong stocks. You can directly trade stocks, options, and global ETFs in all 3 markets.
  • Enjoy the investment community with experts
    Investment experts share their opinions in Tiger Trade community in a regular basis. You can exchange your experiences、portfolio、and insights with them.
  • Experience the most Chinese language compatible global security trading platform
    Tiger Trade is the specifically designed and developed for Chinese speakers. All information, including data on individual stocks, technical indicators, and global news, is available in Chinese.
  • Download Tiger Trade now and enjoy real time information for all three major markets immediately
    Come with Tiger Trade, you will enjoy $600 worth of real time Market quotations of U.S. stocks and Hong Kong stocks. You don't need to open an account to enjoy this information.
TWS, an intuitive global security trading platform
  • Research, news, and market data
    You can access real time news, research, and market data supplied by leading service providers.
  • Risk management
    We provide advanced risk evaluation tools that can help you analyze market dynamics and manage risks.
  • Calculators and trading tools
    Different investors have different preferences when it comes to trading platform displays. TWS allows you to define and optimize your own trading environment.
  • Trade simulation
    Practice makes perfect. You can sharpen your trading skills with simulation trades.