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The commission-free trade is a reward card issued by Tiger Brokers that can be used to waive trading commissions. After the commission-free trade is issued, you need to go to [Tiger Trade App > Me > Promotions & Rewards] to collect the reward(s) within 20 days. Reward(s) that have not been collected after the expiration date will automatically become invalid. Clients need to use it within the validity period after receipt (Different commission-free trades have different validity periods, please refer to the specific instructions in the reward center).

After collected, the commission-free trades can be used for newly created orders that generate commission fees. It is not effective for pending orders entered before collected (to avoid any delay in the commission-free trades taking effect, please enter an order at least 5 minutes after collection). Orders that do not incur commission fees will not consume the commission-free trades.

The mechanism of commission-free trades are prededucted and rebated afterwards. After collecting the commission-free trades and completing a new order, the order will be marked as "Waiving" and the waived portion will be refunded to your Tiger account in the form of cash rebate within the first business week of the following month. At that time, the "Waiving" mark will be updated to "Waived" for that order. Clients may view the cash back details through [Tiger Trade App > Trade > Order] or [Tiger Trade App > Trade > More > Statement].

The commission exempted by the commission-free trade is capped at $15 or equivalent in other currencies. The single and multiple commission-free trade(s) are effective within the validity period and the specified number of times. If you have two or more commission-free trades of the same category, the validity period will be automatically extended, and unused ones will become invalid after the expiration.

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