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Before transferring stocks from BOCI Securities to Tiger Securities, several things need to be confirmed:

1. Record the Bank of China Securities account number, which is an account number starting with 8 and ending with 000 , generally 11 digits;

2. Confirm the stocks to be transferred out and their quantity;

3. When transferring stocks, BOCI Securities will charge a transfer fee of US$ 150 for each stock . For example, if only one BABA stock is transferred , it will cost US$ 150 no matter how many shares are transferred . The required handling fee will be deducted from the BOC account. Reserve enough cash.

1. Notify Tiger Securities to transfer into stocks

First, please submit a stock transfer instruction to Tiger (for details, please click the link below to view). If you have completed this step, please notify the original broker as soon as possible to transfer the stock.

See how to transfer stocks to Tiger

2. Notify BOCI Securities to transfer shares

Go to the official website of BOCI Securities to obtain the "Securities Investment Product Settlement Instructions" form. After completing the form, send an email to BOCI Securities to apply for rollover instructions. The transfer time mainly depends on the transfer time of the transferor's stocks. Tiger will deposit the transferred stocks into the user's Tigers comprehensive account within 1-2 working days after the transfer of the stocks by the transfer-out broker .

Steps for BOCI Securities to submit stock transfer instructions

Obtain the "Securities Investment Product Settlement Instructions" form on the official website of BOCI Securities ;

BOCI Securities "Securities Investment Product Settlement Instructions" Form

Send the completed form to BOCI Securities mailbox to initiate a transfer instruction;

BOCI Securities email address: service@bocigroup.com ; cs@bocigroup.com

Call BOCI Securities to confirm the transfer-out instructions.

Fill in and submit the stock transfer instruction

Example of filling out US stocks:

Example for filling out Hong Kong stocks:

Example of email writing:

Recipient: Fill in the contact email address of the counterparty brokerage (BOCI Securities email address: service@bocigroup.com ; cs@bocigroup.com )

Subject: Apply to transfer out shares


Hello, the following is my stock transfer form (see attachment), please check and arrange for processing.

I have notified Tiger Securities to receive it. If you have any questions, please call me to confirm: 13x-xxxx-xxxx/18x-xxxx-xxxx (please fill in your mobile phone number)

Attachment: Upload the "Securities Investment Product Settlement Instructions" (take a photo of the "Transfer Form" and upload it to the email attachment)

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