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Before transferring stocks from Futu Securities to Tiger Securities, several things need to be confirmed:

Same name transfer: the transfer of stocks between different brokerages is limited to the transfer of accounts with the same name

Transfer charges: In general, the outbound brokerage needs to charge, and the receiving brokerage is free. Fees for transferring out stocks of Futu: HKD 500 per stock for transferring out Hong Kong stocks USD 150 for each stock transferring out of US stocks ; RMB 500 per stock for transferring shares

Transfer time: 3-5 working days for transfer out of Hong Kong stocks ; for transfer out of US stocks, the client's identity needs to be confirmed with the receiving brokerage, and the transfer time is longer than expected 3-15 working days (the transfer time is for reference only and is based on actual Processing time shall prevail)

1. Notify Tiger Securities to transfer into stocks

First, please submit a stock transfer instruction to Tiger (for detailed steps, please click the link below to view). If you have completed this step, please notify the original broker as soon as possible to transfer the stock.

See how to transfer stocks to Tiger

2. Notify Futu Securities to transfer the shares

To transfer stocks from Futu Securities, you need to log in to the official website of Futu, fill in the application form for the transfer of stocks, and wait patiently after notifying Futu. It takes about 4-5 working days. It mainly depends on the time when the transferor transfers the stocks. Tiger will deposit the transferred stocks into the user's Tigers comprehensive account within 1-2 working days after the transfer of the stocks by the transfer-out broker .

Futu Securities official website submits the path of stock transfer instructions

My account stock related transfer of stock

Go to Futu Securities' official website to transfer stocks

Fill in and submit the stock transfer instruction

Choose to transfer the stock corresponding to the market

Select and fill in the recipient information (transfer out of US stocks)

Select and fill in the recipient information (transfer out of Hong Kong stocks)

Add transfer-out stock information

Confirm transfer of stock instruction information

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