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Subscription of New Stocks

What is HK stock subscription?... announced by SEHK, generally, on the trading day before the date of official listing. 9.        ... form a necessary precondition for securities margin trading to securities dealers.... HK stocks can be subscribed and purchased without currency exchange.... To exchange for HKD, you may click “Currency Exchange” via Tiger Trade app — Mine — Capital Account....   View details →

Hong Kong stock options

Option trading is a highly risky trading product.... options ( 1 ) exercise price ( Strike Price , also known as the " strike price " ), if X stock price to HK... $ 10 , you buy a HK $ 15 call option, HK $ 15 is the exercise price... ( 3 ) What is the trading time of options?... during the trading hours before the expiry date...   View details →

Exchange Rules

HK Stock Exchange Trading Hours Monday to Friday: [Call auction period for morning session] HKT 09... Minimum trading unit and stock price rules for HK stocks The minimum trading unit for HK stocks is “... Intraday trading of HK stocks Day trading is allowed.... Securities margin trading (short-selling) of HK stocks Yes . ... HK stock settlement arrangement HK stocks trading is subject to the T+2 delivery system, that is, for...   View details →

Trading Rules

TRADING HOURS Australian market trades from Monday to Friday at the following timing: Australian Eastern... The customer can agree to the Australian stock trading permission in Tiger Trade client, or click here... directly trade Australian stocks. 3.... MINIMUM TRADING UNIT The minimum trading unit for Australian stocks is 1 share. 5.... INTRA-DAY TRADING Yes, we do allow intra-day trading for Australian stocks. 6....   View details →

Hong Kong and Overseas Bank Account Application

This guideline aims to help understand the procedure of HK&overseas bank account application....   View details →

dark market for Hong Kong stocks

Grey Market Trading takes place on the trading day before the IPO. ... GREY MARKET TRADING HOURS The trading hours of Grey market are 16:15 ~ 18:30 on the trading day before... TRADING AND SETTLEMENT MECHANISM 1) TRADING MECHANISM The Grey Market is support T+0 trading, and ...  DATA 1)MARKET DATA PERMISSION The market data permission of Grey Market is independent with the HK... dark market quotes have nothing to do with the underlying stocks, but are open to all users, including HK...   View details →

A-share trading

Trading rules Tiger Brokers purchases A-share targets in Shanghai/Shenzhen stocks (hereinafter referred...   View details →

Shanghai(Shenzhen)Stock Connect

SHANGHAI (SHENZHEN) STOCK Type Charges Charged By Trading commissions 0.08% * Total transaction... Exchange Stamp duty 0.1% * Total transaction amount (rounded to RMB100, to be collected when selling)  HK... , the buying trading fee is RMB36.087 and the selling trading fee is RMB46.087: Buying Selling Commission... charges RMB36.087 Trading charges RMB46.087   (2) Assuming that X stock have a market price... charges RMB45.435 Trading charges RMB95.435 *The above examples are for reference only....   View details →

ICBC [Asia] PC terminal deposit guidelines

.:8615 12059225(HK $) (5) Currency: choose HKD HKD (6) Transfer Amount: Enter the amount to be transferred... For example, to remit HK $10000.00, you can enter HK $10000.23, which can speed up the arrival of funds...   View details →

Option Trading

Option trading is a high risk type of trading.... Before trading, please read Option Risk Disclosure. 1.  ... FAQs (1)        What is the minimum trading unit for US stock options?... The minimum trading unit for US stock options is 1 contract, generally equivalent to 100 shares.... No, options shall be traded in EST 9:30–16:15....   View details →

Scope of trading

Other product categories such as B-shares, exchange-traded funds, bonds and other securities are not... tradable stock: HKEX Interconnection Market Investors can also perform inquiries by downloading Tiger Trade... (the Trading Software of Tiger Brokers).... Please click: Tiger Trade Download to download this software....   View details →

Common trading issues

Trading the Main and Continuous contract is actually trading the currently most active contract.... Can it trade 0.1 standard lot?... In futures trading, "Contract" is the trading unit, and the minimum trading unit of futures is a standard... Futures trading itself is margin trading and cannot be further financed by using leverage.... to the details in the Tiger Trade App....   View details →

Trading hours

TRADING HOURS Only when the three trading markets of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong are open, can... trading of Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect be conducted.... The trading hours of Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect are: Trading days when all three...   View details →

Market Rules

Minimum trading unit for US stocks  Unlike A shares and HK stocks that the minimum trading unit is 1... Intraday trading of US stocks  Intraday trading involves high risk.... Before you start trading, please read theRisk Exposure toIntraday Trading.  ... Intraday trading, also known as day trading, refers to a trading behavior where a client buys or sells... Intraday trading is also generally referred to as T+0 trade. ...   View details →

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) website deposit guidelines

official website of Standard Chartered Bank (the official website of online banking: https://www.sc.com/hk...   View details →

What is margin trading

Securities trading  ( 1 ) In securities lending transactions, investors use funds or securities in their... ( 2 ) After opening or upgrading to a margin account, investors can conduct securities trading in Tiger...   View details →