Fund Asset

  • Estimated total assets of the fund

Refers to the sum of the net liquidation cash balance of the fund account and the total value of the fund, which is used to indicate how many assets are currently in the account.

Estimated total assets of fund = total fund value + cash amount;

  • Total Fund Value

Indicates the sum of the total market value of the current fund holdings,

calculated as: total fund value = ∑ (single fund shares * latest NAV)

  • Funds in transit

Indicates that the funds have been deducted but the share has not been confirmed or the share has been deducted but the funds have not been received.




accumulative share, non-dividend share Acc is the abbreviation of accumulation, which means that such shares do not distribute dividends, and all income and interest attributed to this category will be accumulated and reflected in the NAV of fund.

Inc or Dis:

dividend share Inc is the abbreviation of Income, and Dis is the abbreviation of Distribution. Dividends are distributed through cash distribution. The types of dividend funds are categorized into monthly dividends funds, quarterly dividends funds, and annual dividends funds. The NAV of funds will be adjusted on the ex-dividend date. The increase or decrease of funds are calculated using cumulative NAV, including dividend income.

NAV (Net Asset Value)

  • Historical pricing method

The net asset value of the fund on the previous trading day is used as the basis for valuation.

  • Future pricing method

The net asset value of the fund on the trading day is used as the basis for valuation.

  • Daily NAV of fund

Net asset value of fund = total net assets / total shares The daily NAV of the fund is the net asset value per share, subscription and redemption of open-end funds are settled at this price. Generally, the net asset value of open-end funds is published every trading day; most of closed-end funds's NAVs are published weekly.

  • Cumulative NAV

Cumulative net asset value = fund net asset value per share + cumulative dividends per share The amount of dividend per share is subject to the announcement of the fund company.

  • Adjusted NAV

The adjusted NAV is the NAV adjusted and calculated after considering the reinvestment of dividends. The adjusted net asset value of the fund could truly reflect the performance of the fund, and it is a key factor for the statistical performance returns of fund companies and third-party evaluation agencies.


Refers to the working day on which an open-end fund sales agency accepts investors' subscription, conversion, redemption or other business applications within the specified time. The time range defined by T day is from 11:00 of the previous working day to 11:00 of today (assuming it is a non-working day).


Management fee

Management fee is paid to fund managers for providing fund management services, which shall be deducted from fund assets and reflected in net asset value of fund.

Trasaction fee

Transaction fee is the fee related to fund transactions. For example, subscription fee, conversion fee, redemption fee etc.

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