You’re able to hold several currencies in your Tiger Account. You can convert your funds to other currencies in Tiger Trade App, so that you can invest in different markets at any time.


How to convert currency?

1. Log in to the Tiger Trade App, go to "Portfolio - Currency Convert", choose the currency you want to convert and enter amount.

2. You’ll be shown an estimated conversion amount based on the current exchange rate.

3. Review the details of your conversion request and confirm your order.


When can I do the currency conversion?

Mon to Fri,every 6:20-next 4:55, UTC+8;

Weekend hours:Sat to Sun,every 6:20-next 4:55, UTC+8

What currencies can I exchange?

We support conversion for USD,HKD and CNH. You could check on APP for all available currencies.

What about settlement date for currency conversion?

We support T+2 settlement and T+0 settlement. You could choose T+2 settlement for security trading, and choose T+0 settlement for withdrawls/transfers or other trading within T+2 settlement.

Is there any limit on conversion amount?

The maximum amount of T+2 settlement is 5 million USD or equivalent in other currencies.The maximum amount of T+0 settlement is 1 million USD or equivalent in other currencies. On weekends, the maximum amount allowed in one account is 100k USD equivalend. Additionally, it is recommended that the convert-to amount is over 0.1.


Other notes

1. Exchange rate: We use instant rate to convert currency for you. Due to fluctuations of market exchange rates, the final exchange rate for your order may differ from the rate displayed on the page before your submission.

2. The settlement date of your conversion is T+2. i.e. If your currency conversion order is filled, then you can withdraw the filled amount after 2 trading days.

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