What are options?

An option is a financial contract giving the holder the right (not obligation) to buy or sell a stock at a set price within a defined time frame. Options allow investors to increase leverage, hedge positions, or gain exposure to companies with a limited upfront payment, known as the option premium.

Why trade options with Tiger Trade?

Maximise your trading opportunities

Bull or bear? Tiger has you covered. Our platform offers extensive resources for your US options trading goals. With our advanced mobile and desktop platforms, you can easily access informative option chain data wherever you are. Plus, our educational resources and analytical tools empower you to confidently unlock the full potential of US options.

Hedge potential risks with options trading

Hedge your risks with options to limit potential losses on other positions you currently own. For instance, by investing in long-term put options, you could reduce certain risk exposures and ensure that you can still sell your assets at a satisfactory price, even if the market moves against them.

Gain greater exposure with smaller initial outlays

You can gain more exposure to a stock with a smaller upfront payment by using stock options. Investors can gain exposure to the same number of shares as if they had purchased them outright. This allows for greater market exposure while requiring a smaller initial investment.

Trade smarter with Tiger Trade's premium options tools

Lite Pro

Efficiently filter out matching contracts based on your portfolio and expectations on the stock price.

With Pro Screener, you can select your options strategies based on a wider scope of customisable indicators.

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Trading options on Tiger Trade


1. Go to the page of the underlying security, such as AAPL, and click on the Options tab.


2. Choose the call or put option, select the expiration date and strike price for the contract you want.


3. Click on the contract to see more details. Then click BUY/SELL, select the order type, input the required information, and submit the order.


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Brokerage Fee
USD 0.95 per contract
Min. USD 3 per order
Get started
Regulatory fees apply.
Brokerage Fees
Type Fees
Brokerage USD 0.95 / Contract
Min. USD 3 / Order
Regulatory Fees
Type Fees
(Options Regulatory Fee)
USD 0.02685 / Contract
SEC Membership Fee
(Charged for sell orders only)
0.0000278 * Trade Value
Min. USD 0.01 / Trade
FINRA Trading Activity Fee
(Charged for sell orders only)
USD 0.00279 / Contract
Min. USD 0.01 / Trade
OCC Clearing Fee USD 0.02 / Contract
Max. USD 55 / Trade
Exchange Fee Exchange fees vary depending on the exchange
in which the contract is executed


(1) FINRA Trading Activity Fee is a pass-through fee charged by FINRA (US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and is charged for sell orders only.

(2) OCC Clearing Fee is a pass-through fee charged by OCC (US Options Clearing Corporation).

(3) Exchange Fees vary depending on the exchange in which the contract is executed.

(4) If there is any change in the fees charged by third parties such as exchanges and regulators, TBAU will adjust the fees they charge accordingly.

(5) The fees of the GTC(Good Till Cancel) Order will be calculated by the trading day. Transactions on the same trading day shall be regarded as one order, while transactions on different trading days shall be regarded as different orders for calculating.

Practice your options trading with a Demo Account

Zero experience trading options? No worries! $100K Demo Account will help you practice your options trading skills. Plus, simply fund USD1 to your account, you could access real-time market data.

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What types of US options trading does Tiger Trade support?

Tiger Trade currently offers the following US option trading strategies: long calls and puts, short covered calls and cash-secured puts.

Does Tiger Trade support pre-market and after-hours trading for US options?

Due to exchange regulations, US options trading is not available in pre-market and after-hours trading. However, you can place orders during non-trading hours and Tiger Trade will submit the orders when the market opens.

Does Tiger Trade support early exercise?

Yes, relevant features have gone live.

How does a stock split affect the price of options?

The value of your options position will remain unchanged after a stock split, but the contract price and quantity will change according to the split ratio. Existing options will be traded under a new symbol, and liquidity may be reduced.

Which US stocks support options trading?

Most US stocks and ETFs support options trading.