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USD 0.0049 per share
Min. USD 0.99 per order
USD 0.005 per share
Min. USD 1 per order
Trading fees
Type Charges Charged by
Commission USD 0.0049 / Share
Min. USD 0.99 / Order
Tiger Brokers
Platform Fee USD 0.005 / Share
Min. USD 1 / Order
Max. Trade Value × 0.5% / Order
Tiger Brokers
SEC Membership Fee (Charged for sell orders only) 0.0000278 × Trade Value, rounding to the nearest cent
Min. USD 0.01 / Trade
Settlement Fee USD 0.003 / Share, rounding to the nearest cent
Max. Trade Value × 7%
U.S. Settlement Agency etc.
FINRA Trading Activity Fee (Charged for sell orders only) USD 0.000166 / Share, rounding to the nearest cent
Min. USD 0.01 / Trade
Max. USD 8.30 / Trade


1)Platform Fee will only be charged on executed orders for both buy and sell sides during transaction, which is equal to USD 0.005 * executed shares, with minimum USD 1 per order and maximum equal to Executed Consideration * 0.5% per order.

2)Trading low-priced shares (e.g. share price less than USD 1) may carry high risk, including the risk of total loss and that of delisting. Investors should be cautious about buying or selling these shares.

3)To protect clients' interests, Tiger Brokers charges the trading commission and platform fee up to 0.5% of the trade value respectively. If the calculated maximum commission per order is lower than the minimum commission per order, Tiger Brokers will charge the minimum commission per order.

4)The fees of the GTC(Good Till Cancel) Order will be calculated by the trading day. Transactions on the same trading day shall be regarded as one order, while transactions on different trading days shall be regarded as different orders for calculating.

5)If there is any change in the fees charged by third parties such as exchanges and regulators, Tiger Brokers will adjust the fees it charges on their behalf accordingly.

6)The above "Commission" and "Platform Fee" may not apply to clients of some partner platforms.

Other service charges
Type Charge Charged by
Proxy Service Fee for Participating in the General Shareholders' Meetings USD 10 / Successful Application Tiger Brokers
ADR Fee USD 0.01-0.05 / Share DTCC (U.S. Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation)
Withholding Tax Tax rate is subject to the nature of the listing securities and/or residency country of the foreign investor and/or the tax policy of the country where listing company incorporated IRS
Transfer Stock In/Out Transfer In: Free
Transfer Out: USD 150 per stock
Tiger Brokers


1) In general, the withholding tax rate on dividends to residents of Hong Kong for US normal listed companies is 30%.

2) If our US broker dealer or clearing company charges extra corporate action and/or trade related fees, Tiger Brokers will charge the same amount to the clients.