What does Withdrawable Amount mean:

Withdrawable Cash: The cash amount that you can withdraw from your account. Only settled cash can be withdrawn in cash accounts.


  1. Why is the withdrawable cash amount different from the cash balance in my Tiger account?

  • Cash balance you can see is the total amount of cash in your account. Withdrawable cash is calculated by many factors such as trading activities, settlement, etc. It's the portion of your cash that can be withdrawn without resulting in financing.
  • Generally, Withdrawable Cash ≤ Cash Balance
  1. I've closed all holding positions, how can I withdraw all cash in my account? 

  • After you close your positions or exchange currency, please wait at least two trading days (excluding any holidays), and then submit the withdrawal requests upon the "Withdrawable Cash" shown on the page.
  1. Why is the withdrawable cash in my account 0?

  • If you've made a foreign exchange, please wait for two trading days (excluding any holidays) for settlement, and then request to withdraw after the settlement is completed.
  • If you haven’t made any transaction, foreign exchange or corporate action of your position in the past 3 trading days and the Withdrawable Cash is still 0, it may be due to accrued fees in the account. We set some restrictions for cash accounts in order to avoid unexpected financing or even negative account balance due to fees being deducted after withdrawal. If you encounter such situations, please contact our customer service team for more information.
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