Cash Boost

US Treasury

Type Expenses Charged by
Commission 0.08% * Face Value Tiger Brokers
Platform Fee 0.04% * Face Value
Min. USD 5 and Max. USD 15 / Order
Tiger Brokers
Custody Fee US Treasury's Debt Instruments held and valued at daily closing multiplied by 0.08% and divided by 365, incurs daily but paid monthly Tiger Brokers
Transfer Fee Transfer In: $0
Transfer Out: USD1000 or 1% of Holding Value on Transfer Request Day, whichever is greater
Tiger Brokers
Fees Charged on behalf of the third Parties
Type Expenses Charged by
FINRA Trading Activity Fee USD 0.00105 * Face Value
Max. USD 1.05 / Trade
External Fees External fees are passed on at cos External third parties


(1) Holding Value is valued with the most recent closing price only on Settled Positions.

(2) Face Value is determined by the number of bond contracts traded, multiplied by USD 100 per bond (10 bonds per transaction minimum).