Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for the Tiger BOSS Debit Card ?

    Apply for your card using the Tiger Trade app. Please visit「Debit Card」page, confirm your address, and then you can complete the card application.

    You will get a digital card and a physical card at the same time. Digital cards are free, and physical cards are also free upon your first application. Physical cards will be delivered to your mailing address within about 10 business days.

    You may choose to start using your digital debit card instantly, upon approval!

  1. How to activate my Tiger BOSS Debit Card?

    Your digital card is auto-activated and no other action is required. Use it instantly after you top-up its value!

    Your physical card needs to make the first transactions on CHIP and PIN (insert the card into a terminal), will activate the card. You can find the card PIN on the [Debit Card] page of Tiger Trade app.

  1. How do I use the Tiger BOSS Debit Card?

    • You can also add it to your Google Pay or Apple Pay, and use it right away.

    • You can start shopping online and in person with a digital card, before you receive the physical. It works just like the physical card, but exists only on your phone or laptop.

    • Once you receive a physical card, you can use it anywhere and also make ATM withdrawals overseas.

  1. Get your card details on the Tiger Trade app

    You can see your card number, expiry date, and CVV any time on the Tiger Trade app -「Debit Card」page, click「Card Details」button, and enter the Tiger trading password, then you can see your card details.

    *If you have not yet set a Tiger Trade password, please follow the prompts on the page to complete the setup.

    Once you have received your card details, you can start using the debit card online or add it to a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay!

  1. Is it possible to have more than one debit card with my Tiger Brokers / Tiger Vault / Tiger Trade account?

    No. Each registered user will only be able to have ONE available Tiger BOSS Debit Card binding to the Tiger Trade account.

  1. Can I opt out of receiving a physical card (i.e. receive only a digital card)?

    No. You need to apply for the digital and physical card at the same time. Your first physical card will be made and delivered for free.

  2. Is there any fee involved?

    You can check Fee for more information.

  3. Who is providing the card issuing services and balances?

    Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Pte Ltd has partnered with Wise to provide card issuance and account issuing services. Wise is the trading name of Wise Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, which is a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore with Unique Entity Number 201422384R.

    Wise Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd is regulated as a Major Payment Institution by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) license: PS20200413. You can verify this information at the MAS website here. Consumers are advised to read this Customer Agreement carefully.

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