Introducing Fixed Coupon Notes

You can now invest in FCNs and multiple other financial products with Tiger Trade

FCNs are available for Accredited Investors only

What are FCNs?

Fixed Coupon Notes (FCNs) are structured notes linked to equity, offering investors a guaranteed periodic coupon. These notes suit investors who have a stable or moderately optimistic view of the market. FCNs allow investors to tailor the risk-return balance of conventional assets, providing investment options that meet their specific financial requirements.

Why invest in FCNs?

In the household asset allocation pyramid, FCNs belong to structured products within alternative investments. Compared to traditional asset types such as deposits, bonds, stocks, and funds, FCNs are more complex but also offers higher expected returns.

Investors should evaluate whether to include FCNs in their investment portfolios based on their individual risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Benefits of FCNs

Risks of FCNs

Risk of principal loss

Reinvestment risk

Liquidity risk

Issuer credit risk

Why invest in FCNs with Tiger Brokers


1. In the worst-case scenario, where is the breakeven point for FCN holders?

2. How do I know the observation day, coupon payment day, and final pricing day for the FCN product?

3. If I inquire multiple times on the app, at which price should I place an order if the latest inquiry is lower than the previous one?

4. Can I link underlyings from both the U.S. and Hong Kong markets simultaneously?

5. How can I learn more about FCNs?