Fees of the Debit Card


Type of charge


Card application and management

Card application

Free for the first application

Physical Card Replacement

SGD 15 per replacement

Annual Fee



SG Domestic payment in SGD


Overseas payment, and SG domestic payment in foreign currencies

No conversion fees for payments made using funds from the currency wallet

ATM cash withdrawal

Overseas ATM withdrawal

SGD 5 administrative fee and 2% service fee per withdrawal

Foreign Currency Exchange

Charges by 3rd parties to facilitate payments in currencies not available in the card balance

Mid-market exchange rate, with a nominal fee*

Top up / Clear out the card balance

Top up the card balance from linked bank account


Fund transfer from card balance to Tiger Trade Prime Account


*Users can use the currency exchange function in Tiger Trade to exchange the required currency and transfer the funds to the card balance. If users use the card for payment in any other currency ("target currency"), your base currency (SGD) will be converted to the target currency at the mid-market rate, incurring a small exchange fee. The fee will depend on the desired target currency. If your base currency is insufficient, the next available currency will be selected.

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