What is auto-invest?

For most, the investment threshold is high and can take time to enter the market. With auto-invest you can set an amount from as little as USD 2 in fixed regular payments to invest in US stocks and ETFs that you want.

Auto-investing is the process of putting your investing on repeat. With this feature, you can build your portfolio daily, weekly or monthly and diversify risks by investing a fixed amount without lifting a finger.

Grow your money with auto-invest

Diversify your portfolio

Auto-invest has a primary advantage for an investor who wants to build a diversified portfolio. Invest in the US market on the most popular ETFs and stocks, including fractional shares, with competitive brokerage. Now you can put your eggs in different baskets and manage investment risks.

Time saving

Auto-invest saves time as your investments are made while you sleep. This means you won't have to wait for the US market to open to place your order.

Grow with the market

If you choose an index-based ETF, the auto-invest return follows the market trend. In the past 22 years, DJIA, Nasdaq, S&P 500 three major indexes increased by 200.32%, 229.64% and 172.44% respectively.

Why auto-invest with Tiger?

Low barrier

The minimum amount is USD 2 to invest in the US market.

More varieties

Choose from the most popular ETFs and stocks in the US market including fractional shares.


Cancel or edit the auto-invest plan at any time.

*Except for half an hour before the order is placed or the order has been submitted but not yet filled.

Setting up your auto-invest plan

You can choose from a wide range of popular stocks and ETFs in the US market according to your personal investment plan goals.

Download Tiger Trade and open an account

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Fund your account in seconds

Once you've opened your account, it takes seconds to fund it and get invested. There is no minimum deposit required, click HERE to find out your most convenient ways to top up your account.

Set an auto-invest plan


After your account has been funded, visit Home>auto-invest.


Click auto-invest to visit the auto-invest page, you can choose the shares and ETFs you like to see more detail.


Hit "Add a plan now", input the amount (USD 2 minimum) and choose the frequency, confirm and done.


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Trade Value Commission Platform Fee Third-parties Fees
Less than 1 share Free 1% × Trade Value
Max. USD 1 / Order
More than 1 share Standard US Stocks & ETFs trading fees apply.

Auto-Invest with fixed amount may result in fractional shares, fees will be charged by actual shares (including fractional potion) being executed.


What are auto investments?

Auto investment involves investing the same amount of money in a target share or ETF at regular intervals over a certain period of time, regardless of price.

What are the pros and cons of auto investments?


Firstly, it helps you form the habit of saving and investing regularly, thus accumulating your own wealth.
Secondly, you can save time when placing orders on the US market. Your orders will be automated so you can rest easy knowing your order will be placed based on the frequency and amount you choose.
Lastly, this strategy may help you lower the average cost per share in the bear market.
On Tiger Trade, you can start auto-investing in big brand company shares or ETFs from as little as USD 1, which is affordable for everyone.


The effect of lowering portfolio volatility will become weaker as the investing period grows.

What shares are eligible for auto investment? What's the minimum amount to invest?

S&P500 companies and over 200 US ETFs are eligible for auto investment on Tiger Trade. You can visit [Tiger Trade APP - Quotes - Stocks - Auto-invest] to view the full list.
The minimum amount for each order is USD 2. e.g., you may set a plan of investing S&P500 ETF (like VOO) every week.

What intervals can I set for the auto-investing plan?

You can set it weekly, fortnightly or monthly according to your own preferences and plans.

Can I change the intervals or amount of the plan, or just cancel it?

Yes, Tiger Brokers allows you to change the intervals, amount, cancel or resume the auto-invest plan at any time unless the auto-invest plan is being processed at the time of your cancellation, or half an hour before the execution of the auto-invest order.

What's the pricing for auto investments?

We don't charge extra fees for auto investments. Trading fees apply just like other US stocks trading. If you buy less than one share, the fee is 1% of the trading value, USD 1 max. e.g., if you choose to invest in AAPL to the value of USD 5, the fee is USD 0.05.

How does auto investing on Tiger Trade work?

The system will automatically place a market order at 1:30 pm ET of the buying date according to your plan (it can be 10:30 am ET if the market closes that afternoon), and your buying price will be determined by the market price at that moment.
Remember to fund your account and make sure you have a sufficient USD balance. There is no auto fx conversion.

Which shares and ETFs are the most commonly invested with auto investments?

Typically, investors like big brand companies and broad-based index ETFs such as SPY (S&P 500), QQQ(Nasdaq 100). You may view the hot list through this path: Tiger Trade app-Home-Auto Invest

What happens to my portfolio when corporate action occurs?

Your auto investment portfolio is no different from shares bought by yourself. If you have less than one share, you will receive dividends proportionately, but you won't have a voting right. In the case of a stock split, the fractional shares will be sold and you will get cash.

Please also refer to US Fractional Share Trading Disclsoures