What is Cash Boost Account?

Cash Boost

The Cash Boost account is a trading limit account created by Tiger Brokers for users in Singapore. Once the account is opened via Singpass, investors who pass the review will receive a default trading limit. More limits can be given via in-app request. With this, they can buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and other securities through contra trading without the need for initial capital deposit.

In Cash Boost Account, stocks purchased on T+0 day can be sold anytime before or on Force Selling Date itself. If the difference is positive, you can keep it as profit. If you make a loss, simply make a payment into your Cash Boost Account.

If you wish to keep the stocks, please ensure the full amount for the purchase before Force Selling Date (T+4) to settle the payment.

Advantages of Cash Boost Account

Simplified Process

Open an account in just three minutes and start trading without needing to deposit funds.

Trade with ≥SGD 20,000 Trading Limit

Maximize the utilization of capital while conveniently seizing market entry opportunities.

Leverage for Greater Gains

Trade without depositing funds for the full position, settling only the gain or loss portion.

*Note: Using leverage can also amplify losses. Please make decisions according to your own risk tolerance.

Why Tiger Cash Boost Account

Competitive pricing


Buying stock worth

S$5,000 in an order

Buying stock worth

S$10,000 in an order

Min. S$ 5*
Min. S$ 9.99
0.22%× Trading value

S$ 6*

S$ 11

S$ 12*

S$ 22

Min. S$ 25
>0.28%× Trading value
S$ 25
S$ 28

*Pass through fees & T&Cs apply.

See full pricing

Interest-free period up to 7 trading days

See interest rates charges
Multiple markets supported

Stocks and ETFs listed on SGX, NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, HKEX

Trade Smartly

Advanced order types, real-time market depth, and other sophisticated tools to help you control risk

Learn more features for traders

Watch rankings in diverse dimensions to spot opportunities efficiently

Set personalized alerts with tens of indicators

Pick your stocks with our user-friendly stock screener

Do research with comprehensive stock data and news on one platform

How to open a Cash Boost Account

Click here and register or download Tiger Trade and register
Open a Cash Boost Account with Singpass and submit your application [Video guide]
Once your account is open, just start trading! Make sure to stay informed with notifications from Tiger Trade. [Video guide]


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