Why Invest in US Stocks and Hong Kong Stocks?

Invest in World's Most Valuable Companies

Leading internet conglomerates are listed in the US and HK equity markets

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Multiple Investment Options for Diversifying Your Portfolio

Equities, ETFs, Options, Futures, Warrants and Callable Bull & Bear Contracts, Multiple products to meet your investment demands

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Riding Market Waves with Tiger Trade

Tiger Trade is uniquely tailored for both novice and experienced traders to build global investment portfolios

  • Free Real-time Stock Quotes

    Get the latest updates and stay relevant with our free streaming market data

  • Spot Market Trends

    Our "discover" feature enables you to monitor market movers and seize opportunities

  • Professional Tools for Serious Investors

    In-depth analytics, screeners, and candlestick charts help experienced traders stay on top of the market

  • Convenient and Seamless

    Enjoy the convenience of trading across multiple markets with the multi-currency facility

Why Choose Tiger Brokers?

  • Trusted by Millions Users Around the World

    By 2018, the global registered users of Tiger Trade reached to 1.58 million and the customer accounts has exceeded over 500,000

  • Trading Without Paying A Ton of Fees

    We provide relative low commissions and fees to ensure more money goes toward your investment portfolio, not paying for frills

  • High Standards of Credentials

    Tiger has obtained various licenses, permits and approvals to make necessary registrations and fillings in multiple countries and regions

  • FinTech-Driven Infrastructure

    A Nasdaq-listed company reserves proprietary infrastructures and technologies

Influential Investors

Achievements Speak Louder Than Words

  • China Leading Fintech 50


  • 2017 Fintech 250


  • Hurun's 2018 New Financial Companies


  • Innovative Information

    Portal for Stock Quotes