Depositing funds to is easy. The initial deposit could up to 24 hours held by your bank. However if you choose to deposit via PayID, your subsequent transfer will be instant. 


With Tiger Brokers, there is no minimum deposit required. 


To deposit funds, please follow the steps below:  

1. Log into your Tiger Trade App>Portfolio>Deposit>Select PayID or bank account transfer to deposit funds

2. Please note that if you wish to deposit funds via bank account transfer, you will find the BSB and account numbers in the deposit instructions. 

3. Once you completed the transfer on your internet banking, please take a picture of the transfer confirmation, and upload the confirmation to Tiger App by go to Tiger Trade App>Portfolio>Deposit>'I have Transferred'



1. You will receive SMS and e-mail notification as soon as the deposit has landed in your account.

2. Please note that we do not accept 3rd party payments, which means the deposit has to come from the bank account under the same name as your 

trading account. We will let you know via email and SMS once your funds arrived into your trading account.  

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