Introduction to Tiger Vault

"Tiger Vault" is a way for Tiger Brokers' wholesale clients* to manage their idle cash. Products grouped under Tiger Vault are "money market funds", which are comparatively lower in risk, liquid, stabler in return.

Clients can activate Tiger Vault's "Auto-Sweep" feature to include their Tiger Vault's holdings as their Tiger account's securities segment's buying-power** to pay for stocks, ETFs, options etc. orders.

Common underlyings of money market funds are short term government debt instruments, fixed-term bank deposits and the likes, which are usually regarded as comparatively conservative investments.

* Please contact our Client Service Team for details.

**Please refer to point 3 "Trading Rules" for details.

Features of Tiger Vault

  • High flexibility

Subscribed on T day, units can be confirmed on T+0 day and can be redeemed when the units are confirmed. Redeemed on T day, and the cash will be available on T+0 day. No cost for subscription or redemption.

Note: T day refers to the trading day in the fund's domicile, which may have a time difference with New Zealand. Please refer to the fund documents for details.

Risk warning: When you use Auto-Sweep to trade other investment products resulting in the MMF redemption amount greater than the MMF redemption gate, it may cause your redemption funds to take longer to arrive and incur some financial interest.

  • Low minimum transfer-in amount

Start at 1 USD/ SGD

  • no cost

There are no subscription and redemption fees for Tiger Vault, and no fees are charged for the Auto-sweep function.

Introduction to Tiger Vault Auto-sweep function

  • Introduction to Tiger Vault Auto-sweep function

Tiger Vault Auto-sweep is a service that automatically manages your idle funds launched by Tiger Brokers. When Auto-sweep is initiated, the idle cash in your account will be automatically transferred to the money market fund for earnings at a specific time without manual operation. Tiger Vault will automatically transfer funds when you buy securities, subscribe IPO, options, non-money market funds.

  • The way to activate Auto-sweep

The way to activate Auto-sweep: 【start Tiger APP】>【profile】> 【Tiger Vault】>【Auto-sweep】>【Manage】>【activate Auto-sweep 】

  • The way to pause Auto-sweep

When you do not want to "auto-buy" money market funds with idle funds after activating the Auto-sweep, you can choose to pause the "auto-buy" at any time.The way to pause Auto-buy: 【start Tiger APP】>【profile】> 【Tiger Vault】>【Auto-sweep】>【Manage】>【Pause】>【Select the number of days to pause】

  • Can I withdraw my cash if my Auto-Sweep is turned on?

Yes, and if you perform any manual redemption of your Tiger Vault, Auto-sweep will be suspended for 3 business days to provide sufficient time for cash withdrawal.

  • In what situation will automatic redemption be initiated?

The auto-redeem can be triggered when the following requirement(s) have not been satisfied.

  • Available cash requirement

  • Settlement requirement of the other products

  • Margin requirement

When the current asset cannot meet the requirement(s), auto-redeem will be initiated to redeem partial, or all of Tiger Vault.

The time of auto-redemption and auto-subscription vary based on Fund Currency.

*If there are any pending subscription orders of the same currency's Tiger Vault before automatic redemption, the system will cancel the existing subscription orders, and re-submit automatic subscription or redemption orders (if any) based on the asset situation after order cancellation.

Transaction Rules

Deadline for subscrption and redemption orders on each trading day: NZT 15:00 PM(HKT 11:00 AM)

  • Time to calculate fund returns

  • Time for redemption fund funds to arrive:

The above times are all in New Zealand Time (NZT). In case of public holidays, the order confirmation time and the redemption fund arrival time will be postponed.

Tiger Vault Fund Holdings Buying Power

When you activate the buying Autp-sweep, the buying power of the Tiger Vault Fund assets you hold will be calculated according to the ratio of 99%

  • Are there positions in Tiger Vault that can be used for systematically forced liquidation?

Yes. When the insufficient margin in your securities account triggers system leveling, if you have enabled Auto-Sweep, your Tiger Vault positions will be recorded as cash assets to be leveled first;

The system will automatically close the positions in your securities account to increase the account margin first, and if the margin is still insufficient, it will close your Tiger Vault positions. To avoid this, please be careful to maintain a sufficient margin in your account.

  • Will I incur any margin interest when using Tiger Vault as buying power?

No margin interest will be charged when using Tiger Vault positions as buying power to invest in stocks, funds or futures. However, when an exercise of a client's option occurs, if the amount of available cash funds in the client's Tiger account is insufficient, the operation of exercising the option through financing may trigger a margin interest charge.

Risk warning: When you use Auto-sweep to trade other investment products resulting in the MMF redemption amount greater than the MMF redemption gate, it may cause your MMF redemption to take longer to arrive and incur some financial interest.

  • How to withdraw funds from the positions in Tiger Vault?

You will need to first redeem your Money Market Funds holdings under Tiger Vault at your portfolio. Once the order is settled and cash returns to your account, you can then withdraw the cash from your account as per usual.

  • How about futures?

Tiger Vault's position as buying power does not support investing in futures for now.

  • After the Auto-Sweep of the Tiger Vault USD MMF is activated, will the Auto-redeem of the Tiger Vault USD MMF be triggered when only SGD generate liabilities?

No, Tiger Vaults' funds only provide purchasing power in the same currency.

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