Daily P&L of a Position = (Today's Market Value - Yesterday's Market Value) + (Today's Selling Value - Today's Buying Value)

Daily P&L ratio of Position=Daily P&L of a Position/(Yesterday's Market Value+Today's Total Opening Position Amount)

All Daily P&Ls are calculated according to the local time of the exchange the security trades on. Today's market value equals the real-time position market value; yesterday's market value equals yesterday's intraday closing price × positions quantity yesterday, whereby the market value of US stocks will be the closing price at 16:00 Eastern Time. Daily P&L calculation for the US stock market could also include an extra column of calculation that is based on the most recent market quotes of the overnight market session, click here to learn about Daily P&L calculation during the overnight period.

Total Daily P&L of account = the sum of Daily P&L of all the positions held today

Daily P&L Ratio=Daily P&L/(Net Liquidation Value - Daily P&L)

Reminder: this formula is for reference only, please refer to the assets.

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