7) Can I trade on margin, or do I need to trade on cash

You can trade in both cash and on margin with Tiger Brokers.

Margin Trading (Financing)

A Margin Account allows you to borrow money against the value of the securities in your account. You can make deposits in any currency then trade in any security through financing. Margin Accounts allow margin trading and short selling. There is no T+0 trading frequency limit (leverage: up to 400%).
Please note, you may be charged interest if you are trading through margin account. For details of the interest rates charged by us for different stock markets, please see the link below:

Cash Trading (available for both Margin Account and Cash Account)

You can trade in any market without margin financing by depositing sufficient cash into your Tiger Trade app in the corresponding currency of the security - NZD, USD, or HKD. To make this easy, you can exchange between currencies in your Tiger Trade app.
Note that currency exchanges take two business days to settle once you’ve made the request so they may incur financing interest charges. You can avoid or reduce financing interest in three ways.

1. You can trade interest-free using cash immediately after currency exchange if the product’s settlement date is also in two working days (for example US, Hong Kong, and Singapore securities).

2. If the product’s settlement date is one business day, you still can trade interest-free for the other one business day after your request. This is the case for China A-shares, futures, and US stock options.

3. You can delay your withdrawal of exchanged cash for two days until settlement.

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