4. How to transfer shares from Hatch

How to transfer shares from Hatch?

1. Clicking on the Portfolio - More - Share Transfer-in to complete your application for position transfer.
If you just opened an account and haven't made your first deposit, you will see a Share Transfer-in button under the "Portfolio" section.
2. After clicking on the "Share Transfer-In", you will see that you can transfer the US stocks, HK stocks and AU stocks. Let's take US stocks as an example.
3. Please select "Hatch" in Delivery Broker and input your Hatch account number.
4. Fill in the information of the stock you want to transfer.
5. Confirming the information of the position application and click on the "Submit".
6. Then your application for position transfer is completed.

How to find my Hatch account number?

1. Log into your Hatch account and click on the report


2. Then click on the Monthly account statements to find your Hatch account number.



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