3.3  Tax on dividends received from ASX-listed Australian companies


If you are an NZ tax resident (See 2.1), and you receive a dividend payment from an ASX-listed Australian company with a direct income interest of less than 10% (See 2.6), it will be subject to income tax.

An Australian company may attach some franking credits on the dividend (similar to NZ imputation credits). However, “franking credits” cannot be claimed in New Zealand tax returns as they are not income tax paid by the investor.

Tiger Brokers is required to pay withholding tax on your dividends received to the IRD at a set rate of usually 28% or 33%.

If your income tax rate is lower than these rates, then you may be entitled to a tax refund.



Disclaimer: The content of this page is for educational purposes only. It is designed to help you understand the potential tax obligations that may apply to you when investing in financial products. Tiger Broker does not provide any advice, including tax advice, and is not responsible for providing any guidance, opinions, or suggestions about tax for you. If you have any questions about your personal circumstances and tax obligation, we suggest you contact your tax advisor directly for more information.

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