4) Why was my order cancelled

There are many reasons that can cause an order to be cancelled, if you cannot find the reason, please contact our customer service team at clientservices@tigerbrokers.nz
Some common reasons are:
  1. The number of shares placed exceeds the number of positions. For example, if you have 100 stocks, and you want to short 200 stocks, your order will be cancelled because your current position is insufficient.
  2. You have insufficient funds nor available purchasing power.
  3. Short selling pool is insufficient to short for now. For example, if there are only 500 stocks in the short selling pool, but you want to short 600 stocks.
  4. System cancelled your order.There could be many reasons, such as problems from settlement brokers, internet problems from settlement brokers. Please contact client service for details, clientservices@tigerbrokers.nz.
  5. We only support order of options which expires on Friday. For example, if you want to trade an option which expired on Monday, the order will be cancelled automatically.
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