1) Requirements to open an account

Individual Accounts

To open an account, we require the below details to comply with the NZ Anti-Money Laundering Act and this includes

  • Your ID details

  • Personal information and residential address

  • Employment details

  • Investment experience

  • Nature and purpose

  • Tax residence

ID Documents

Your identity will be Verified Electronically, given you have supplied a valid NZ ID.


The forms of ID we accept include a valid New Zealand driver’s license or a New Zealand passport. If you do not have a New Zealand ID then you will need to provide a certified overseas passport.


There are two ways to certify your overseas passport:

  1. Call us at 09-393-8179 to make an appointment to bring your passport to our Auckland office at Level 27/151 Queen Street.

  1. Certify your overseas passport by a trusted referee and it needs to be dated within the last 3 months. Refer to "How do I certify my documents" for more information.

Proof of Residential Address

Your address will be verified electronically when you enter your ID details however, sometimes the electronic verification may fail.


In this case, we will require proof of address before you start your first trade. The address proof needs to be dated within the last 12 months, addressed to you and have your current residential address. Any ONE of the following documents can be accepted:

  • Bank Statement

  • Utility Bill

  • Insurance/KiwiSaver Statement

  • An NZ Government agency document such as a statement, letter or invoice that has been sent to you from a government agency, including confirmation of bond lodgement with Tenancy Services.

  • Electoral Commission Correspondence - This must be a letter that has been posted to you.

  • Tenancy Agreement - This must be a Tenancy Agreement covering the period when you applied to open an account with Tiger Brokers (NZ) Ltd.

  • Vehicle Registration - This must be a current vehicle registration that has been sent to you.

  • Letter from a New Zealand Educational Institution

Age Requirements

[under 18] can not open an account with Tiger;

[18 and over] (students, interns, employed individuals (including self-employed individuals), full-time workers, unemployed individuals and retirees) can open either a Margin Account or a Cash Account.


If you wish to open an institutional account with Tiger Brokers, please contact our client services team at clientservices@tigerbrokers.nz, or call 09 393 8179 for assistance.

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