2.6 What does “the direct income interest of less than 10%” mean?

A person has a direct income interest of less than 10% in a foreign company at any time if they hold,

        ·  Less than 10% of the shares in the foreign company;

        ·  Less than 10% of the shareholder decision-making rights for the company;

        ·  Less than 10% of a right to receive, or to apply, any of the income of the company for the accounting period in which the time falls;

        ·  Less than 10% of a right to receive, or to apply, any of the value of the net assets of the company if they are distributed.


The highest percentage you hold in any of the above categories will be your direct income interest.


A person does not have an attributing interest in a FIF (See 2.4) if they have an income interest of 10% or more in a controlled foreign company (including any interests held by associated persons). The person will instead have a CFC (Controlled Foreign Company) interest and will apply the CFC rules to that interest. Read more here 



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