3.1 How to check if you are required to file FIF income in New Zealand

Some shares in ASX-listed Australian companies are exempt from the FIF rules. (See 3.1.1.)

If the shares are exempt, you will be taxed under the same rules that apply to New Zealand shares.


3.1.1      FIF Exemption for ASX-listed Australian companies

The ASX-listed Australian company exemption applies when you own shares in a company that:

  •          is included on the official ASX list
  •          is an Australian resident and not treated as a resident in another country under an agreement between Australia and that other country
  •          maintains a franking account, and
  •          offers stock that is not stapled.

You can use this tool that has been provided by the IRD to check if the Australian company is exempt from the FIF (See 2.4) rules.

Before you start, you’ll need to have the ASX ticker code for the company that you are checking.




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