5. How to Verify a bank account

Verifying your bank account ensures a faster deposit and withdrawal process. There are two ways to verify your bank account, either through the Tiger Brokers website or through the Tiger Trade mobile app.


1) Login to your account and click on Bank Accounts.
2) Add your bank account details
  • We only accept deposits from a NZ registered bank account.
  • Enter your bank account name, bank account number, bank account type, SWIFT code, your address details, then click on Save.

3) Once you hit Save, the below box appears, click on it.
4) You will then need to click on Account Verification.
5) Choose how you would like to verify your bank account.
To upload a copy of your bank statement choose REGULAR VERIFCATION.
To verify your bank account online instantly without uploading any documents choose EXPRESS VERFICATION.
5.1 Regular Verification - Upload a copy of your bank statement or screenshot of your bank details.
    • The document should contain your bank name, bank account number and your name, which should match with your Tiger account name and should be dated within the last 12 months.
    • You can choose to upload a bank statement or a bank document that has the above information.
    • You can blur your transaction details as we do not need this information.

Upload your bank account evidence as shown below and click on Submit.

5.2 Express Verification - Via Akahu
    • You can instantly verify your bank account without uploading any documents via Akahu.
    • Akahu provides open finance infrastructure for New Zealand. Find out more about Akahu.
    • Simply verify your email address, select who you bank with and log in with your banking credentials and select the bank account you wish to verify.
Similar steps apply to verify your bank account using the Tiger Trade mobile app.
Tiger Trade app > Portfolio > Bank Account > Add Bank Account
Our client services team will review the bank account verification. If you need any assistance, please contact us at clientservices@tigerbrokers.nz
Watch our video here on how to place an order through Tiger Trade.
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