DDA Deposit Guideline

DDA (Direct Debit Authentication) fast deposit is a service provided by DBS Bank. After connecting your Tiger account with your bank account, you can initiate a deposit instruction directly in Tiger, and the bank will complete the deposit for you. DDA Fast Deposit is more convenient than other SGD deposit methods. The main advantages are as follows:

Free: Both DDA authentication and deposit are free. (Tiger will bear relevant bank fees for you. Please refer to the official website page for details.)

Efficiency: Funds are expected to arrive in several minutes. There may be a delay if you deposit outside of the bank's working hours.

Convenience: Deposit instructions may be submitted via Tiger Trade APP/official website, there is no need to login to your bank account or submit a deposit notice.

DDA fast deposit can be completed in two steps:

1. Setup the connection between your bank account and Tiger account, and complete a DDA authentication. (Only required when you deposit through DDA for the first time)

2. Submit a DDA fast deposit at Tiger.

DDA Deposit Guidelines

1. DBS/POSB DDA Authentication

2. Submit A Deposit Instruction

Take Tiger Trade APP as an example:

2.1 Login to your Tiger account and click "Trade"-"Deposit".

2.2 Select "DDA Deposit" to enter the deposit instruction page.

2.3 Select the account you wish to deposit from and fill in the deposit amount, accept the terms and conditions,then click "Submit" and fill in the login password to submit the deposit instruction.

Please note:

(1) Each deposit needs to be at least SGD 10, and not more than SGD 200,000;

(2) DDA Fast Deposit is free. Tiger will bear the relevant bank fees for you.

2.4 The deposit instruction is submitted successfully, and the deposit result will be sent to your registered mailbox and Tiger Trade APP. Please check it.


1. Tiger Brokers does not accept deposits from joint accounts and accounts with a different name from that registered on the clients’ Tiger account.

2. The bank may reject your funding instructions due to insufficient account balance and other reasons, which may result in a failed deposit. Should the bank accept your deposit when you have insufficient funds in your account, your account may incur fees.

3. Tiger Brokers only accepts deposit instructions submitted through the Tiger official website/APP. Tiger will submit your instructions to the bank, and the bank will complete the deposit for you.

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