If you believe you have made a fraudulent transfer, or you suspect that your account is at risk.

  • Immediately end any type of communication with the suspect/scammer.

  • Contact the financial institution(s) involved.

  • Report the incident to the Police.

  • To report fraud to Tiger Brokers, simply chat with us.

If you're concerned that your card has been compromised.

Lock your card immediately in the app to prevent any unauthorised payments:

  • Login to your Tiger Trade APP, visit「Debit Card」page, tap「Manage Card, turn off the switch, and lock it until you want to reactivate it. Locking and unlocking the card are free of charge.

How do I raise a dispute?

If you notice a payment in your transaction history that you didn’t make, please visit card transaction detail page. Use the button below to report the issue to us. Include as much information as you can about what happened.

Please complete form in English.

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