After the adjustment of US stocks settlement period (from T+2 to T+1), we also adjust the currency conversion settlement period in your security account in order to guarantee your trading efficiency. Adjustment for currency conversion is as follows:

Conversion for



Securities trading


T+1 (Same as US stocks)

Withdraw/Transfer/Other tradings

T+0 (No change)

Detailed FAQs as follows:

  1. What is T+1 settle?

  • Take the US stocks as an example: your order filled day is trading day (T day), and the day which finished settlement is settle day. Your orders will be settled a trading day after T day if it is T+1 settled. For example, if you close your US stock position this Wednesday, you could withdraw your fund in Thursday after the fund settled (if Thursday is also a trading day).

  • You could switch the settlement period in Tiger Trade, if you plan to trade US stocks, it is better to choose T+1 settle.

  1. How does T+1 settle affect my trading?

  • If your account is margin account, there is no effect, you could enjoy the consolidated buying power for multiple currency as before.

  • If your account is cash account, there is some effect in only one case: if you close T+2 trading like HK stocks, the fund cannot convert settled directly but to wait for the next trading day to make T+1 settled conversion. After the conversion is filled, you could directly open US stocks as before.

  1. How does T+1 settle affect my financing interest?

  • Financing interest related to US stocks will be calculated from T+1.

  1. Is there any change for currency conversion fees?

  • No change, the conversion price for T+1 is same as price for T+0.

  1. Is these adjustments related to future?

  • There is no adjustment for future and currency conversion in future account, they are still T+0 settled.

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