Fund Mall Introduction

Fund Mall is a Unit Trust/Mutual Funds trading platform provided by Tiger Brokers. In just one click to open a Fund Mall account, you can easily get access to over 1000 funds that we offer. Fund Mall has the following advantages:

  1. Largest Variety: Tiger Brokers offers over 1000 public funds, covering money market funds, bond funds (investment grade bonds, emerging market bonds, high yield bonds, etc.) and equity funds (U.S. and Asian large-cap stocks, small- and mid-cap stocks, technology stocks, emerging markets, etc.).

  2. Zero Fees: There is absolutely no fees (platform fees or sales charge) when purchasing funds via Fund Mall.

  3. Low min. Entry: Low initial investment requirement from $100.

Fund type

Money market fund

Money market funds mainly invest in high-security monetary instruments such as government bills and fixed bank deposits, which are suitable for conservative investors. You can buy money market funds on the Tiger Vault page.

Stock fund

Stock funds refer to funds that are mainly used to invest in stocks. Compared with money market funds and bond funds, they have higher risks and are suitable for investors who pursue high returns.

Fixed income funds

Fixed-income funds are mainly used to invest in fixed-income assets such as treasury bonds, financial bonds, and corporate bonds. They are of medium and low risk levels. If they are held in the medium and long term, the probability of obtaining returns is relatively high.

Allocation Fund

Allocation funds flexibly invest in stocks, bonds, money markets and other instruments, adjust the allocation ratio according to the market environment, and obtain relatively stable returns while pursuing capital appreciation.

Fund compare


Tiger Fund Mall provides investors with the "Fund Compare" function. Through this function, you can select the funds, stocks or indexes you want to observe, and check the yield and income trend charts of these targets in different time periods.


The way to ues "fund compare": 【start Tiger APP】>【Quotes】>【Fund】>【Compare】>【Choose what you want to compare】

UT Starter Pack

Tiger Fund Mall provides investors with the "Fund Portfolio" function for placing multiple fund orders with one click through the "UT Starter Pack" icon on the fund homepage. The way to "UT Starter Pack":【start Tiger APP】>【Quotes】>【Fund】>【UT Starter Pack】>【Find out more】>【Subscribe】

Fund list

In order to enable investors to better select funds that suit them, Tiger Fund Mall launched the "Fund List" function. The name and screening rules of the list are as follows:

List name


Most consistent performers

Funds that have yielded positive returns annually in the last 3/5/10 years.

TOP Traded funds

Funds with the highest subscription rates on Tiger Brokers in the past week/ month/ quarter/ YTD

Most Resilient Funds

Funds that have ranked in the top30% amongst their peers in the past five years based on both performance and max drawdown.

Morningstar 5-star Funds

Funds whose risk-adjusted returns for trailing 3 years fall within the top 10% relative to category peers receive a 5-star rating.

Unified buying power

Unified buying power is an aggregation of your buying power. It's available in both cash accounts and margin accounts. After opening a fund account, the cash assets of the securities account and the fund account are calculated unified by default. No additional operations are required. For details, please click 【Help】>【Margin Trading】to learn.

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