How do I use my Debit card with Google Pay?

To add your card to Google Pay via the Tiger Trade app:

  • Open the Tiger Trade app, visit「Debit Card」page, where you can see your available cards

Tap on Add Card to Google Pay.

You can also add your card using your Google Wallet on your phone:

  • Open the Google Wallet app

  • At the bottom, tap Add to Wallet

  • Select Payment card and then New credit or debit card

  • Either scan your card or enter the details manually, you can tap「Card Details」on Tiger Trade app, 「Debit Card」page, and find your card details

  • Follow the steps to verify your card

  • You can now make a payment where you see these symbols.

After you add your card to Google Pay, you might see a small amount payment record (it may even be 0 USD) in your account. This is just to check that your card works, and it will be released back soon. Please notice that if your balance is empty it may add failed.

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