1. What is Wise? What are the advantages of depositing funds through Wise?

Wise is an online remittance platform, mainly providing cross-border money transfer and exchange services. Through our collaboration with Wise, Tiger is able to provide you a better fund deposit experience.

Using Wise's Link in Tiger and you can:

  • Transfer local currency from your bank account outside of Singapore, and directly credit USD/SGD into your Tiger account.

  • Lower transaction fees than cross-border bank transfer.

  • Faster to arrive than cross-border bank transfer


2. How do I initiate a deposit through Wise's Link in Tiger Trade APP?

Go to "Trade > Deposit > Wise" in your Tiger Trade App

1) Link your Wise account with your Tiger account.

2) Create a money transfer instruction in your Tiger Trade App.

3) Follow the prompt on the page after the transfer instruction has been submitted and initiate the transfer from your bank account. Once you have transferred the money, please wait for Tiger to receive your deposit.

When initiating the deposit, follow the instructions on the Tiger Trade App. You need not have the Wise App in order to perform the deposit.

Note: Please initiate the deposits from Tiger App or Tiger Official Website. Don't initiate transfers directly from Wise APP to Tiger as we will not be able to accept those deposits.


3. What currencies can I deposit using Wise? What bank accounts can I use?

3.1 Supported Currencies

Current Supported Currencies: A number of South East Asia currencies (please refer to Wise website for more details), Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound (GBP), Canadian dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR)

Final destination currency: United States Dollar(USD), Singapore Dollar (SGD)

  • For example, if you have a Euro bank account, you can transfer Euros directly through Wise, which would be exchanged to USD and then deposited into your Tiger account.

3.2 Supported Bank Accounts

Currently, we only recommend you to use bank accounts outside Singapore to deposit funds via Wise.

  • If you already have a Singapore bank account, please use DDA, FAST or bank transfer, instead of Wise.

  • If you have a bank account in Singapore and have foreign currencies in your account, you cannot initiate a deposit via Wise. Please use bank transfer.


4. FAQs


4.1 Are deposits made via Wise immediate?

  • No, Wise will estimate the arrival time based on your remittance currency, amount and other factors. The estimated fund arrival time can be viewed in your Tiger App [Trading > Deposit > Wise].

  • As banks in most countries/regions do not process funds on weekends and public holidays, if you initiate a transfer on these days, you would usually need to wait until the next working day to receive the funds in your Tiger account.


4.2 What is a guaranteed exchange rate?

  • It is an exchange rate guaranteed for a specified period of time. When you initiate a transfer, Wise will guarantee your rate for a certain period of time. As long as Wise receives your remittance on time, you will get that rate locked.

  • Wise provides sufficient time for you to make a transfer, ensuring that your remittance can arrive within the valid time period of the guaranteed exchange rate. The period of time at which your exchange rate is guaranteed is usually about 2-72 hours, depending on the currency you choose, as indicated on the page.

  • The exchange rate is provided by Wise. For more details on guaranteed exchange rate, please refer to Wise's Guaranteed Rate.


4.3 What are the charges for depositing via Wise?

  • Tiger does not charge any fees. All fees are charged by Wise. The cost of each transfer can be viewed on the corresponding transfer page.

  • Wise's fees generally depend on 3 factors: remittance amount, payment method and exchange rate. For more details on fees charged, please refer to Wise's Fees. You can also use Wise's Fee Calulator to view Wise's estimated fees and exchange rates.


4.4 Is there a maximum amount that I can deposit via Wise?

Yes, there is. Wise's transfer limits vary according to your remittance currency, payment method and accumulated transfer amount. Please refer to the transfer page for the specific limit. If the amount you enter exceeds the limit, you will be notified on the transfer page.


4.5 Can I initiate a transfer directly from Wise's App or Website without going through Tiger?

No. Please ensure that your deposit is initiated through Wise's link in Tiger APP. If you initiate a deposit directly from Wise APP / website, we will not be able to accept your funds.



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