Q: Are Custody Fees applicable for all Tiger Brokers users?

A: For customers who trade and hold positions in Singapore Exchange (“SGX”) counters, TBSG will hold these stocks in segregated custodian accounts.

Q: When will the Custody Fee be charged?

A: TBSG charges a quarterly nominal fee for custodian accounts. We call this a custody fee. Custody fees are charged on the 4th business day of the next quarter.

Q: How much is the Custody Fee, and how much will I be charged?

Note: SGX charges the following fees on the maintenance of securities accounts held through depository agents -

Sum of Securities value per sub-account:

  • First S$0 to S$20M : 0.25bps per annum

  • Next S$20M to S$1B: 0.15bps per annum

  • Any remaining AUM above S$1B: 0.10bps per annum

Subject to a minimum charge of S$2.16 and a maximum charge of $13,500.00 per sub account per quarter.

However, Tiger Brokers (Singapore) will only charge a quarterly nominal fee of 2 for accounts with no trading transactions in the quarter. The remaining amount will be fully absorbed by Tiger Brokers (Singapore).

Q: Can I waive my Custody Fee?

A: Custody fees will be waived for accounts with trading activities in the quarter. For accounts with no trading transactions in the quarter, a nominal fee of SGD 2 will be charged.

Example: Customers with no trading activities in Q2 2023 (1 April 2023 to 30 June 2023) will be charged custody fees of SGD 2 on 6 July 2023 (4th trading day of Q3 2023). Custody fees will be waived shall the customer have trading activities in Q2 2023.

All other cases to be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact our Customer Service at Service@tigerbrokers.com.sg or call or WhatsApp Chat us at +65 6331 2277 for further assistance.

Q: What else to take note for Custody Fees?

A: Transaction taxes, where applicable, are passed through to Tiger Brokers clients on top of the standard charge. You can see the detail of the fee charged in the Trades section of your Activity Statements. For more information on Transaction taxes, please click here.

Commission, Platform Fee, Trading Fee, Clearing Fee, Custody Fee and Tax Service Fee are subject to 8% GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Please refer to https://www.tigerbrokers.com.sg/commissions/fees for other applicable fees.

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