OTC Introduction

OTC stands for Over-the-Counter, which refers to trading that takes place outside an exchange.

1. Tradable OTC Underlying

Currently, the tradable OTC underlying is U.S. stocks, and the transaction types are opening and closing positions of OTC stocks in OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink markets.

Once a security is shifted into OTC Expert/Grey market, it will no longer be available to buy any more.


  1. Due to risk control and other reasons, the availability of some particular stocks for trading may subject to change.

  2. If you currently hold one or more OTC Expert/Grey assets, you may experience a significant lack of market data information and/or liquidity. Should you wish to close your position(s) but are not able to place a sell order via our apps, please contact our Customer Service Team.

2. Account Types

Margin accounts and cash accounts.

3. Trading Hours

Day orders: orders may be placed and filled between 9.30am - 4pm (EST);

GTC orders: orders may be placed beforehand but filled between 9.30am - 4pm (EST).

4. Margin Trading and Short Selling

Financing is available with a 100% margin.

Most OTC stocks are not available for short selling. To check whether an OTC stock is available for short selling, please refer to the stock info page of the Tiger Trade APP.

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