Fund Earnings

DOD Earnings =(Yesterday's market value - The day before yesterday's market value)+(Yesterday's redemption transaction amount - Yesterday's subscription transaction amount)

Current P&L refers to the profit and loss of the assets currently in your holdings. It is calculated by your current holding value deducted by your initial investment amount.

Accumulated P&L = Latest NAV +sum (historical confirmed outflow amount) - sum (historical confirmed inflow amount).

-Outflow amount: Redemption

-Inflow amount: subscription and handling fees

Due to the latency caused by the NAV update and differences in the processing of share accuracy by fund companies, there may be errors in the display of DOD Earnings, Current P&L, and Accumulated P&L.

Fund Dividend

How is my entitled dividend calculated?

Dividends are determined based on portfolio value in each quarter end and will be distributed in the form of cash. As dividend pay-out may involve in redemption of funds and currency conversion, the actual amount of dividends may deviate from the dividend yield indicated by the investment committee.

Dividend amount ($) = Number of units x Dividend rate per unit ($)

Reinvestment units = Dividend amount/ Reinvest price

(Note: Both dividend rate and reinvestment price are determined by the fund managers.)

How many types of dividend payment methods are there?

If the fund held has dividends, the distribution method may include monthly dividends, quarterly dividends, annual dividends, etc.

For Cash investments, there are 2 types of dividend payment methods:

1) Reinvest: The dividends will be reinvested in the form of additional units in your relevant holding.

All dividend reinvestments will not result in an increase in the cost of investment. The rationale for doing so is that dividend is not an injection of new monies by the investors as such it should not increase the cost of investment.

2) Pay out: If the dividend option is to pay out, the dividends will be paid into your Tiger Brokers’ Prime account once it is settled.

(Note: This may vary if you have separately subscribed to our cash management solution)

When can I expect to receive my dividends?

The dividends will only be credited to your account after Tiger Brokers have received it (T day), and should be reflected in your account within T+4.

(Note: T refers to the Singapore business day. If the order is made on a non-business day, the processing time will be delayed accordingly. All days are quoted in business days)

What happens if I sell my holdings before dividends are distributed?

If a client sells the fund holdings between the dividend date and the dividend arrival date, the fund selling amount does not include the dividend share because the dividend has yet to be settled.

A sell order needs to be placed for the reinvested dividends once it is settled in client’s holdings. If it does not satisfy the minimum selling share requirement, the sell order may be unsuccessful.

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