Check the Statement

After depositing funds, the user can check his or her statement report (the statement will be hidden when a single statement data is empty during statement checking by user).

How to generate a statement:

   - Login to the official website - My Account > Statement

   - Tiger Trade APP > Profile > Tiger Account > Statement


I. Asset Information Form

The form contains the information of user’s asset for the whole period.

1. Accrued dividends: when the company declares the dividends of shares, this part will calculate the dividends to be paid to the user, and the dividends paid to the user during form checking period will be included into cash.

2. Accrued interest: interest is charged on a monthly basis, so this part will calculate the total interest earned by the user during the statement period, not including the interest received.

3. Net inflow amount: the total amount of user's deposits and withdrawals.


II. Accrued Interest Form

1. Accrued reversing: the interest actually received by the user during the statement checking period.


III. Open Position

1. Multiplier: in an individual stock option or futures transaction, the value of the contract is expressed as the product of a certain monetary amount and the underlying index. The certain monetary amount is fixed by the contract, which is referred to as the contract multiplier. At present, the stock is 1 by default and the individual stock option is 100.


IV. Trading Details

1. Trading amount is trading price multiplied by trading volume.

2. Net amount: when buying in, the net amount is recorded as the trading amount of buying financial assets plus the amount of commission and tax. When selling, the net amount is recorded as the amortization of the cost of selling the financial asset, including the realized profit and loss.


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