How to transfer position from TD Ameritrade Singapore?

1. Transfer Position Overview

1.1 How to initiate a transfer-in request

  1. Visit Tiger Trade APP / website to submit a Transfer-Stock-In request to Tiger Brokers.

  2. Choose a Market and fill up the Broker Information-->add the stock information and submit.

  3. The system will assist you in auto-filling the TD Ameritrade Share Transfer form and will send it to your registered email.

  4. Sign the TD Ameritrade form and submit a digital version to TD Ameritrade to request an outbound transfer on TD Ameritrade's end.

  • Please note that a copy of the front and back of your NRIC with your signature will need to be attached in the request to TD Ameritrade.

1.2 What is meant by "available shares" when initiating a transfer from TD Ameritrade to Tiger Brokers

  • According to TD Ameritrade's DTC request guide, "available shares" are fully paid securities positions. This means that:

    • Negative balance, short positions, options, and futures are not considered as "available shares".

    • Only whole shares are considered as "available shares". Fractional shares are not included.

  • OTC stocks and PINK stocks are also not included.

1.3 Fees:

  • No fees will be charged on Tiger Brokers' end.

  • For more information on the fees required on TD Ameritrade's end, please check with TD Ameritrade.

1.4 Duration of transfer-in:

It generally takes 2-5 working days on TD Ameritrade's end and 1-2 working days on Tiger Brokers' end.

2. Step-by-Step Guide

2.1 Access Tiger Brokers' Transfer Stock function

  • Tiger Trade APP: Navigate to "Profile", tap on "More" then select "Share Transfer In" function.

Access of Transfer Stock function

2.2 Select the US market and enter your TD Ameritrade account details

1)Select "TD Ameritrade Singapore" from the dropdown options.

2)Enter your TD account number.

3) Acknowledge the required terms and conditions and click the "Next" button to continue.

2.3 Provide information of your TD Ameritrade holdings

Follow the steps on pages:

  • On the 'Add Stock Information' page, browse the drop-down list and pick the correct stock symbol.

  • Enter the quantities and cost price of the holdings you want to transfer before confirming and submitting the request.

    • Note: You may add multiple stocks if necessary

  • After submitting your request, the system will automatically generate a pre-filled form for you.The form will be sent to your mailbox. Alternatively, you can click on "Download again" to retrieve the form.

  • You will need to submit this form via the "Transfer Request" form on TD Ameritrade's end.

Special reminder to TD Ameritrade Singapore customers:

Please note that we have pre-selected the 'transfer all available shares in your TD Ameritrade Singapore' option by default for your share transfer request. For administrative purposes, we would recommend that you still input your major positions in the request form and include the cost price of the shares for the purposes of calculating the profit and loss of your positions.

2.4 Notify TD Ameritrade to process your transfer

After clicking the "Submit" button, your request will be received by Tiger Brokers, but you will still need to submit the "Transfer Request Form" to TD Ameritrade.

Please ensure that you:

  • Download the "Transfer Request" form from the Tiger Brokers page mentioned above or from your email inbox.

  • Print, sign the file, and submit a digital version of the document to TD Ameritrade’s portal on your account with TD Ameritrade.

  • Please note that a copy of the front and back of your NRIC with your signature will need to be attached in the request to TD Ameritrade.

2.5 Get notified when your positions arrive

Keep your notifications switched on to get notified once the positions are successfully transferred into your Tiger Brokers account.

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