1. Visit the deposit page

  • Log in to Tiger Trade APP, go to the "Portfolio", and click "Deposit".

  • Visit the Tiger website. Login to Official Website > My Account > Deposit.

2. Choose "Bank Transfer" as the deposit method and check the deposit instructions.

3. Log in to your online banking to initiate the transfer and deposit funds into the Tiger receiving account as per the deposit instructions.

4. After a successful transfer, upload a screenshot of your transfer on the Tiger APP, including "Bank Account, Transfer Amount," as proof of deposit to assist our verification team in processing your deposit application faster.

Note: For different users, deposit receiving information may vary. Therefore, please do not use information shared by others for deposit transactions, and do not directly share your information with other customers.

Note: Based on the brokerage's anti-money laundering obligations, Tiger does not accept deposits from third-party accounts or joint accounts.

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