1. What is eDDA Recurring Deposit?

eDDA (Electronic Direct Debit Authorization) Recurring Deposit is a periodic deposit tool provided by Tiger. Once you have linked your Tiger account with your designated eDDA account, you can set up an eDDA Recurring Deposit plan, and Tiger will execute regular deposits on your behalf.

2. How to set up eDDA Recurring Deposits?

2.1 Go to the "Deposit" page, select "eDDA Fast Deposit," and choose the time period for recurring deposits in the "Recurring Deposit Frequency" dropdown menu.

2.2 Set the recurring deposit period, enter your password, and submit the verification to complete the setup.

Note: Before setting up eDDA Recurring Deposits, please check if you have completed the eDDA deposit authorization (required only for the first eDDA deposit). If not, refer to the eDDA Account Authorization Binding for eDDA linking.

3. How to edit/stop eDDA Recurring Deposits

3.1 Go to "Deposit" - "eDDA Fast Deposit" - "Deposit Request" - "Recurring Deposit Schedule" to access the Recurring Deposit History setting page.

3.2 3.2 Choose the historical eDDA setting, and two icons will appear in the upper right corner of the page: the left one is for "modify," and the right one is for "stop." Clicking the "Stop" icon triggers a confirmation prompt. Upon clicking "Confirm", the eDDA Recurring Deposit will be successfully stopped.

4. eDDA Recurring Deposit processing time, limits, and supported currencies

4.1 The system will process the recurring deposit for you at 8:00 a.m. on the specified day based on the set time interval, and the deposited funds will be credited within 5 minutes.

4.2 The minimum amount for eDDA Recurring Deposits is 10 HKD per transaction.

4.3 Currently, only HKD deposits are supported.

5. eDDA Recurring Deposit Fees

No fees are charged by Tiger or Tiger's receiving bank.



1.The bank may reject your debit instruction due to reasons such as insufficient account balance, resulting in a failed debit transaction.

2.Tiger only accepts debit instructions submitted through the Tiger official website or APP, and these instructions will be forwarded to the bank for the execution of fund deposits on your behalf.

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