1. Deposit Currencies

Tiger supports deposits in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), US Dollars (USD), and Offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH).

Once funds are deposited into the Tiger account, you can enjoy real-time currency exchange services.

2. Deposit Methods

Tiger supports deposits through eDDA and bank transfers.

Note: eDDA only supports HKD deposits.

Bank transfers support deposits in HKD, USD, and CNH.

Currently, transfers from non-Hong Kong bank accounts are not supported.

3. Deposit Fees

Tiger Fees: Tiger does not charge any fees.

Bank Fees:

  • HKD and CNH: Currently, most banks do not charge any fees, but some banks may impose charges. Please confirm the fee details with your sending bank.

  • USD: Receiving banks do not charge fees, but the sending bank may impose charges.

4. Deposit Processing Time

4.1 eDDA

Deposit Processing Time

Estimated Crediting Time

Hong Kong Stock Trading Hours 08:00 – 16:00

Within minutes*

Non-Hong Kong Stock Trading Hours

Before 11:00 on the next Hong Kong Stock Trading Day

*The first deposit during the account opening process will undergo compliance review.

*The final processing speed depends on the response time of your remittance bank.

4.2 Bank Transfer

Customer Notification Time

Estimated Crediting Time

Hong Kong Stock Trading Day (08:00 - 14:00)

Same day

Other Time Periods

Next business day

5. First Deposit Witness

According to the requirements of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, each bank account needs a one-time deposit of 10,000 HKD, 1,500 USD, or 10,000 CNH as a deposit witness. After certification, the bank account can be used for withdrawals.

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