1. Customers are the most valuable assets of Tiger Brokers (HK) . Tiger Brokers (HK) always pays attention to the protection of customer privacy and will never leak customer information.

  2. 2. To protect customer privacy, Tiger Brokers (HK) has taken comprehensive measures to protect information.

Security System: The company has passed the ISO/IEC27001 enterprise security system certification, which is recognized by international standards.

Data Monitoring: The company has a leading data and operation monitoring system in the financial industry, which monitors the whole process (generation, storage, reading, output, use and destruction) of each sensitive data storage and circulation.

Data encryption: The user's mobile phone number, ID number, bank card number and other private data are stored with high strength encryption with reference to the military-grade encryption mechanism, the decryption has to go through a strict approval process, and the decryption operation is monitored by the security system, and each decryption record can be traced back to the final operator.

Network security: The company has a comprehensive three-dimensional network defense system based on a variety of security technologies and equipment, and has been tested by internal and external security organizations simulating hacker attacks for a long time, which proves that the network defense is safe and reliable.

Internal Control System: The company follows a strict internal control system, all data access needs to be approved at every level, and the data can be accessed with identity credentials only after approval.

Under such a security system, Tiger is able to protect the privacy of users, so users can use it with confidence.

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