Where to access your account opening?

  1. Through APP Tiger Trade: Download  Tiger Trade APP  > Open Account > Open Account Now, then follow below instructions to open a Tiger account.
  2. Or through our online portal:  Official website  > Open account. Then follow below instructions to open a Tiger Account.

General steps

Register with mobile > Complete required information > Add your Hong Kong bank account > Complete Deposit Transfer>Pending Approval
Account Opening Guidelines for HK Resident

1. Preparation (required materials):

    • Your Hong Kong Identity Card:
      • Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card
      • Or, Hong Kong Non-permanent Resident Identity Card & Supplementary Documents (Mainland China Identity Card,Hong Kong and Macao Entry Permit,Passport of other countries or regions)
    • Your own Hong Kong bank account (holder name should be the same as your ID name)

2. Steps to open an account:

    1. Select the type of document and upload ID card photo
    2. Fill in personal information, address, and your employment information
    3. Select account type , provide your trading experience, and fill in asset information
    4. View Compliance Disclosure and Risk Disclosure
    5. View agreement and sign
    6. Upload proof of address , and complete Face recognition
    7. Add your Hong Kong bank account
    8. Deposit from the bank account which you added.

3. Waiting for Tiger Broker's review, and getting noticed once your request passed reviews successfully.

Your information is only used for identity verification, which is for compliance purposes. Your personal information will be strictly protected and kept confidential.

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