• The commission-free trade issued by Tiger can be used to waive the commission or platform fee on Tiger trades. The commission-free trade will take effect immediately after activation. You need to use commission-free trade within the validity period. If you have two or more commission-free trades of the same category, the validity period will be automatically extended.

  • The commission-free trades are pre-deducted and rebated afterwards. You need to place an order within the validity period of the commission-free trade and the order should be filled before the commission-free trade can be successfully used. The commission-free trade(s) can be chosen when an order is placed in the Tiger Trade App of version 7.2.0 and above (commission-free trades in the older versions will be automatically used based on the system sorting). If your order has matching commission-free trades, the system will automatically select the best commission-free trade for you when placing the order. If you want to cancel or change the commission-free trade, you can cancel or change it manually when placing the order.

(Notes: Orders bound with the commission-free trade need to be fully filled before the commission-free trade can be successfully used. If the order is fully filled after the commission-free trade expires, the commission-free trade will not be used successfully.)

  • After the order is filled, the limit for commission-free limit card will be deducted. The commissions will be refunded to the client's Tiger account in the form of cash within 1 minute after the order is filled. Clients may check the commission refund details through the coupon details in Reward Center or via [Tiger Trade>Portfolio>Orders] or [Tiger Trade App>Portfolio>More>Fund Details].

  • Both the Single Commission-Free Trade and the Multi-Commission-Free Trades can only be used for a specified number of times within the validity period, and any unused times after the expiry date of the commission-free trade will be automatically cancelled. After commission-free trade is bound to an order, the number of times for commission-free trade will be frozen. If the order is fully filled, the number of times will be deducted accordingly; if the order is not fully filled or cancelled, the number of times will be refunded accordingly.

  • You need to Place a One-Click Order on Tiger Trade App version 8.1.3 and above to use the voucher (vouchers are not available for One-Click Order of old versions ); Clients can use vouchers on PC One-Click Order for any version. Besides, neither App nor PC One-Click Order supports the selection of vouchers when placing an order, and the system will automatically use the voucher with the earliest expiration within the validity period.

  • Notes:Commission-free trade is not available for exercised option orders.

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