What is Withdrawable Amount:

1)Withdrawable Cash:The cash amount that you can withdraw from your account.
2)Max Withdrawable (with Loan) :Per your account assets, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn through financing.
Max Withdrawable = Withdrawable Cash + Financing Amount provided by other assets in your account. If you withdraw funds with financing, the financing part would be interest-bearing.


  1. Why is the withdrawable cash different with the cash balance in my Tiger account?

  • Cash balance you can see is the total amount of cash in your account. Withdrawable cash is calculated by many factors such as trading activities, settlement, etc. It's the portion of your cash that can be withdrawn without resulting in financing.
  • Generally, Withdrawable Cash ≤ Cash Balance; Cash items such as unsettled cash or cash from short selling are not included in "Withdrawable Cash".
  1. How much interest would be charged for financing withdrawals?

  • When your "withdrawal amount" is larger than "Withdrawable Cash", the excess part is the financing part for which the interest would be charged. The interest is calculated daily, and settled monthly. The unsettled interest would not generate further interest.
  • For more details on financing rates of each currency, please refer to "Financing interest rate" page in Help Center.
  1. I have a margin account, and withdraw per "Withdrawable Cash". Why I got interest charged? 

  • The financing status of a margin account is related to all trading acivities. If you continue to order, subscripe IPOs or engage in any other trading activities, it may result in interest.
  • If you have debts in other currencies, it'll also incur interest.
  1. I've closed all holding positions, and how can I withdraw all cash in my account without financing? 

  • After you close your positions or exchange currency, please wait at least two trading days (excluding any holidays), and then submit the withdrawal requests upon the "Withdrawable Cash" shown in the page.
  • Please note that, if you have debt in some currency, please pay it off through currency exchange before applying for a withdrawal.
  1. I only have HKD cash in my account, but choose to withdraw USD. Would the HKD be converted into USD automatically?

  • There is no automatic exchange of cash during the withdrawal process. If you are withdrawing as described above, it would result in USD financing. If financing has been incurred, the debt and the interest can be repaid by exchanging or depositing funds.
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