Using Tiger Trade APP as an example:

1. Log in to your Tiger account, click on "Portfolio" - "Deposit" - "eDDA Fast Deposit" to access the eDDA deposit page.

2. If you have successfully authorized an eDDA bank account, you will enter the "eDDA fast deposit" page.

3. Select the account for deposit and enter the deposit amount. If you want to set up recurring deposits, choose the time period from the dropdown menu under "Recurring Deposit Frequency."

4. Click "Submit," enter your password, and complete the deposit.


  • Only HKD deposits are supported, and the minimum deposit amount per transaction must be at least 10 HKD.

  • No fees are charged by Tiger or Tiger's receiving bank for eDDA Fast Deposits.


1.The bank may reject your debit instruction due to reasons such as insufficient account balance, resulting in a failed debit transaction.

2.Tiger only accepts debit instructions submitted through the Tiger official website or APP, and these instructions will be forwarded to the bank for the execution of fund deposits on your behalf.

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